The first stop was the museum. Nice pictures and items found around the lake. Difficult to get a good impression on what the story was because it was all in Russian or something like that. Next stop the luxury supermarket next door where we could stock up on beer, chocolate and other essential items. We agreed to go up the valley into the mountains further up the road along the lake.


It was a national park so we paid an entrance fee after convincing the ladies that it was an easy road (but it was anything but easy. It was an terrifying ride according to Jamaliah). Well it started off that way but after the second river crossing we had to cross the watershed into the next valley. After lots of watch outs and go slower Rudy arrived at the bottom of the valley. The other camper was nowhere to be seen. JJ and Rudy climbed back up out of the valley to see if the ladies were somewhere along the road. But they were nowhere to be seen. We drove out of the second valley towards the main road. It took a while because there were several herds of sheep on the road. We stopped at the starting point hoping to find the other camper. Assuming that they had turned around. After several SMS,s and waiting we decided to drive up to the park entrance again. There they had also not seen the ladies drive out. They must be still in the park. We drove in again and after a while found them waiting at the first river crossing. They were waiting for us to come down the mountain, not realising that there was another way out!.

All in all we were happy that everybody was safe and since it started to rain in the mountains, decided to drive out and down to the lake. There we found a lovely spot right on the beach and celebrated Mejia’s birthday with a bottle of wine.