The morning was sunny but the wind was very strong. There was no place around the camper to sit and have breakfast (coffee+ Muesli). Rudy had to sit inside on the bed with Jamaliah slowly waking up.

The trip to the 3 small lakes of `Kol-Say Lakes National Park (1800m high)` started off on 35 km tarmac road. The landscape was beautiful and the spirits high. The rest of the 80 km was however of gravel ­, potholes roads of varying quality. We did go through a few villages where the main street was surfaced, so that gave some relief. When we finally arrived at the park entrance we had it. It was still another 10km and a 350m climb. It was too much (ps. Jamaliah had a meltdown. The potholed, deep grooved road was getting on her nerves).

We turned around and found a nice spot at the river. As Jamaliah said, it is the same water as at the lake so this is OK. We had enough time and water to wash the campers, clothes and ourselves. You just can’t see everything. It was also a lot warmer and no wind at this 1450 m high camping spot.