Today the fellowship broke up. 3 Campers went back to Almathy and we drove in the direction of the Petroglyphs at Tamgaly. After walking along lake Esik in the morning and viewing the water cascading down into the valley we slowly drove through the town to find the site of the “Golden Man” burial mount. We saw several but at one there was a small, recently opened, museum which we paid a visit.

After a hot and stressful drive straight through Almathy we found a camping spot in the wide open rolling fields. The lavender like-smell of the grass is refreshing. The birds are primary crows so that could be better but the peaceful surroundings easily compensate for their noise. Jamaliah also found a new efficient way to have her badly needed shower. In the evening a start was made to plan the remainder of the trip to Vladivostok where will meet up again with the other campers for the trip to Kamchatka on 2/8.