Near our camping spot there was a site “Energy between Heaven and Earth”. There was not much to see but it looked like people did visit it. Some religious belief? I think that lightning must have struck the hilltop more than once. We drove up a good side road to the Tamgaly Petroglyps. A very pleasant guide took us through the valley in which the rocks were covered with animal, human and deities paintings. We could get really close to take pictures. At the end of the tour we exchanged gifts: Our Holland card vs. tea and bread.

We continued on the same road which was still tarmac but getting more and more potholes till we reached the M36 between Almathy and Astana. We had seen any other car all day till then. By the end of the day we drove through Qapshaghay which is on a lake. The town is not much but it has a highway with big flyovers and at least 10 large casino’s. It must be developed to become the “Las Vegas` of Kazakhstan. Just outside town we took a detour and after 15 km tarmac and some 7 km dirt road drove down into the valley towards the wide fast flowing Ili river. An ideal camp spot spoiled a bit by all the midgets (small flies). You had to breathe through your nose otherwise you would suck them in. Rudy had a nice wash in the river and later a shave. Things are looking up after a hot day in the camper with air condition. Outside temperature was reaching 35 deg.