Is started to rain in the early morning. Since we camper close to the water and had to drive out over a muddy track it was essential to leave in time. Along the way we had several rain showers. The temperature barely got above 20 deg. The road around the like was good, but here and there still under maintenance. This caused some delays. The road rises and falls from lake lever 450 m to a peak of 950 m till you reach the turnoff south to Ulan-Ude . You actually do not see too much of the lake. At one point we spotted a road going under a railway bridge towards the lake. We just managed to get the camper trough it. On the other side was a nice stretch of pebble beach with several families enjoying the cold water. Looking at the tents I assume they are spending part of their holiday there. During this lunch break we heard every 10 min or so a train passing by in either directions (it is a double line). The length varied from 50 to 90 wagons. Maybe we should ship Passepartout back via this line..? Just before 6pm we arrived in the refreshingly open, hilly town of Ulan-Ude. Most people already look very Mongolian (the border is only 200 km away). We found a hotel in the town centre and are now passing time with e-mail , internet and some sleep till the NL-ARG match starts at 05:00 hrs in the morning. After that it is off to Mongolia