On the second day (we drove through Irkutsk (reserve a town visit for the return journey) and drove on towards Lake Baikal. First a stop at the Open Air museum showing local historical wooden buildings. Unfortunately there were not so many babushka’s to open up all the houses.

A bit further we hit the Baikal Riviera. The lake is beautiful and the drive towards it over a rollercoaster road through the forest. The Riviera however is Russian style, i.e. run down, or maybe better still, in the build-up phase. The North side of the lake only has a small pebble beach. Maybe the south side is more Riviera. In the market we bought some of the local fish (smoked and salted) for dinner.

The “camperreis.nl” campsite on the river mouth was nice and quiet with an unrestricted view of river and mountains.