It was only a short drive to the lake we wanted to visit. The first part was over the new tarmac road but after passing the scenic gorge it was piste (unpaved road). A large number of tracks crossed the mountains. It was fun trying to find the best one. Along the way we noticed that the cows had been replaces by Yaks. The height had increased to 2000m so it may be too cold for the cows. In the village at the lake we saw a small hut where water was being pumped up and sold. We stood in line with our 2 x 5 l bottles and filled up the camper.

This is a volcanic landscape. The road towards the lake passes several dead volcanos and open lava tunnels. We climbed 2 of these volcanos and peered down into the crater (with the aid of ibuprofen Rudy could also make it up to the crater rim). At the lake, piles of volcanic rock were piled up and looked like pillars. We camped at a nice open spot along the lakeside. The lake is a major tourist attraction in the country. Several Ger camps are dotted around the lake. Since it is now also holiday season in Europe several small tour groups with Europeans are staying here. We had several visitors who were attracted by our Dutch number plates. It was good to share our travel experience and to hear about the other sites in Mongolia.