The day begins with a beautiful sunshine over the lakes. Great views around. Was tempted to stay a day longer here but unfortunately we didn’t have much time left. And as we didn’t know the condition of the road to Bulgan from Moron we didn’t really know how long it will take. But we did linger longer than normal. Clean the camper a bit and just enjoying the views.

The tarmac road from Moron lasted about 70+ km before it becomes first gravel road, and then sandy track. Once in a while we sneak back on to the unopened tarmac road. That didn’t last very long. Several times we ended up in very deep-ridged tracks and Rudy did a balance act on them. Due to Rudy excellent driving we got through without getting stuck. It was heavy going (and raining). Because of this we didn’t manage to reach Bulgan by 6pm we decided to look for a campsite. We found one great spot by a stream with trees and hills. Great place. And I can have my wash too as the water was not so cold.