The drive to the border (some 40 km) was uneventful. We tried to use up all the remaining Mongolian money and changed the rest at the border. This time the crossing did not go so smooth. It took over 6 hrs and it is still not clear why. All the procedures were the same i.e. lots of stamps at the Mongolian side and also the import of the car on the Russian side went smoother. Extra was that the car got scanned by a huge scanning machine. It must have been an extra lunch break or close down to renovations on the Russian side. On the Mongolian side we were helped by a local minibus driver who we gave a box of matches. What a little friendliness can do.

After the border we took the small P441, which was not on the GPS map but on the paper map. We drove “off (gps) road” following the border and then turning North after crossing a large river. The climbs were sometimes steep and Passepartout had to use its lowest gear to get up them. In the evening we camped again along a river where Rudy had a swim.DSC07379DSC07380