The next day we went back to the monastery and waited till 10:30 when the prayer session started. There were some 15 children monks. We did not wait till the older monks arrived bur drove out of the valley again.

At the main road we pumped up the tires and were able to drive a lot faster and more controlled. Along the way to the border we again turned off towards the Bow factory. This time with more luck. 2 craftsmen were busy making the various components of the traditional bow using goat tendons, goat horn and wood. We had some fun taking pictures.

As mentioned before finding water is not as easy as in Russia. In one shop the caretaker was kind enough to go to the back and filled up our 3x 5 l bottles. If it was from a tap, a well, or their own supply I do not know. As a fitting end to our trip through Mongolia we decided to stay in the same forest as on the way in. We heard from locals we met at the monastery that this is one of the best camping area’s in the country and they are also on their way here. Who knows maybe we will see them through the trees again.


Mongolia is a beautiful country and I can understand why some people keep coming back to visit it. I would love to come back. The people we met were so friendly and helpful. The language barrier sometimes a problem but doesn’t stop us from communicating with them. The lakes, rivers, mountains and people leave a lasting impression on you. The roads may be not for me but Rudy is in his element here. He loves driving on piste (unpaved roads to those who like me thinks that unpaved road is driving off-road).