We took hot showers and scrub off the dirt. After a good night sleep we were ready for the road again. There is a new road through the forested mountains North of Ulan Ude to the sandy beaches of the Baikal eastern shore. Just in front of the coast there is a warm lake, which we first visited. The water is warmed up by underground hot water springs. The shoreline was however not very attractive. The water was shallow and full of alga. We spent some time there to remove most of the tar stuck to the side of the car with diesel. Not a very healthy job but at least the map was visible again and the door white.


A bit further up the road we found a nice spot under the trees looking down into lake Baikal. The sandy campsites were mostly occupied but from our tent we could get down into the water. The wind was cold and strong so Rudy did not attempt to swim. Moreover he was happy to rest further and get rid of his stomach bug.