The next day we had a lie in and around 10:00 started the drive back and further around Baikal in the direction of Irkutsk. On the map there was a short cut so we would not have to drive all the way back to Ulan Ude. With some asking we found the road and reached the first ferry at 12:30. That was lunchtime so after unloading his load of cars the bridge went up and we had to wait. Fortunately there was another ferry over the wide Selenga River some 10 km further and the GPS brought us there despite the changes in the road (dirt track) route.

Once across we followed the familiar main road from a month earlier, M55, for a little bit but then turned off and continued up the delta to one of the planned bush camps on the lakeshore. The lake here is filled up by the delta from the Selenga River. It is shallow, swampy grassland. Not ideal for swimming but teaming with fish given the number of anglers giving it a try. We spent another relaxing day to gain strength for the long drives to come.