Tobolsk (1687) is the beautiful old ex-capital of Siberia. The Kremlin is situated on the high (+ 50 m) bank of the large Irtys River. Since it was Monday we were limited to the churches and courtyards of the Kremlin. The museums were closed. It was a morning well spent. All was meretriciously cleaned and recently painted. We walked along the outer walls of the Kremlin looking down into the river valley. Before continuing the trip we made a detour to a working Monastery further down the river. It was also situated on the cliffs overlooking the river and had a lovely view and a short chat with “Rembrandt” painting the scenery.


In the oil town of Tyumen we tried to find the petrol and gas museum. Unfortunately that had closed some 2 years ago. We could not find out where it had moved too. The city was very busy so we joined the queue to get out. Once outside town on the road to Yekaterinburg Jamaliah spotted a small national park with a lake some 30 km from the highway. We drove there and park under the pine trees on a hill overlooking the lake. The site is popular so we were not the only campers. But still a great place to camp. Later in the evening the neighbours, (2 brothers and their wives and children) brought some BBQ chicken over to us. It was delicious. I went over to their campsite and joined in with the beer around the fire. The vodka bottle I let go by. Conversation was difficult but I think we could understand each other. In order to let them enjoy their family outing in more comfort I left after an hour. Because of the mosquito’s Jamaliah did not join in.

Rasputins birth place. Closed on Monday’s!