Thursday and Friday were relaxing days in Auckland. Dave drove us around on Thursday but we did not do very much. Was it sightseeing fatigue? Everything we visited we found too expensive. In the evening we took the boat across the harbour to Devonport for a last farewell reunion of the Eburystreet gang in a local Irish pup. The objective was to have a pool competition. After Rudy’s double defeat against Dave he gave it up and joined the drinking and storytelling session with the others. It was good to say goodbye to all our Kiwi friends. Till in Holland or at the 2020 reunion in Malaysia.

We felt a bit guilty not to have made much of an effort to see Auckland. So Friday afternoon we all (Dave/Christine, Rudy/Jamaliah) visited the Auckland museum. They have a substantial Maori section as well as Natural History and the NZ war efforts in Europe in WW1+2. Since it was ANZAC weekend there were a lot of extra visitors. Before dropping us off at the airport we had a last Fish meal in the Auckland harbour.

After 10 ½ hrs flying we were back in Kuala Lumpur. In Town we caught up with Jamaliah’s brother Mohamed and wife Meg who were there shopping for the wedding in August of their oldest daughter.


It was warm and tiring in town so we did not spent too much time there and after lunch took the train back to the airport and waited for the flight to depart at 23:55. When we were all borded and ready to go a leaking hydraulic break line was discovered which cause a 2 hr delay. So after another 14 hrs on the plane we finally landed in Schiphol and took the train back to Assen where the boys picked us up from the station.