The second leg of our “World trip” took us to New Zealand. Jamaliah had to go to Brunei for a family visit so it was only a “short” hope further to driven some 8200 km through this fantastic country in 51 days. I can recommend it to everybody.

We were lucky to be able to swap our camper with Hank and Gemma. That made it a lot less expensive and allowed us to travel more relaxed. We stopped at most of the tourist sights along the way and made forest and mountain walks, crossed the South Island with the Alpine express and had an overnight cruse in Doubtful sound. Jamaliah was even introduced to mountain biking and the glow-worm caves. The Kauri trees along the coast in the north of the north island were enormous. Also further throughout the country there were large and small pockets of native forest with a jungle type atmosphere.

Meeting the ex “Ebury street Gang” members in Raglan after 30 years was heart-warming. It shows that after so many years you can pick up where you left off. You change on the outside but character and mannerism’s are still very much the same. Wiser maybe, but still young at heart.

Traveling in the train back to Assen from Schiphol and looking at the flat green landscape we were thinking of NZ. The trees are so much more beautiful. The Dutch ones look like thin sticks. NZ ones have character. The hills and mountains give you a new vista after every corner you turn. New Zealand is a country for the young and adventurist (which Rudy was) but also for the older nature lovers (which we are). The climate is a lot milder then Northern Europe. We can understand why you all have resisted the temptation to leave (permanently). Why should you!

Please use the link below to see a slideshow of our best pictures of New Zealand

New Zealand North Island 2015

New Zealand South Island 2015


Rudy and Jamaliah Welling