Sevilla is a lot further down the river towards the coast. Because it is lower (5 m) it is a lot hotter and a lot warmer in the evening here. We parked at a car storage area on the bank of the river. They had set an area aside for campers. Not much facilities but there is electricity, water and free wifi, 2 showers and toilets. There is continues, noisy, unloading of ships on the other side of the river. During the night it started raining and it did not stop till around 14:30 hrs. Only then we could go out to explore the town. It is half an hour walk into the city center along the riverfront and over a bridge. We arrived too late to enter the main cathedral and the queue to get in the Alcazar was really long. Instead we wandered through the narrow streets of the old city and visited the large baroque church Parroquia del Salavador (1712) and an old 13th century Islamic watch tower Torre del Oro on the river side.

The next day it was dry and sunny. We took the bikes into town. There was a well laid out cycle path, and where it disappeared we cycled on the wide pavement. In this way we were in no time at the Alcazar palace to stand in the queue. The Alcazar is a very opulent palace where a.o. Emperor Charles 5th and his son Philippe 2de had lived. The style is a mixture of the Moorish arches and intriguing patterns as well as the European figurines and gardens. We wandered extensively through all the rooms and courtyards. Opposite the Alcazar is the main cathedral of Sevilla. It was completed in 1507 and replace the converted mosque which was used till then. To impress the world it was huge (126×83 m) and is the third biggest church in the world. It has 5 high Gothic naves with some renaissance refinements. The old minaret (Giralda) is again reused as a bell tower. In this one, the walk way up is so wide and has no steps so you can ride a horse to the top balcony.

On the way back to the camper we made a stop at the plaza de Espana where in 1929 the world fair was held. The impressive semi circular building has tiled alcoves depicting each of the important towns in Spain. Around 16:15 we left Sevilla in the direction of Cadiz. Because of the late hour we did not make it all the way but stopped at a large camper site next to the Atlantic ocean in Sanlucar de Barrameda.