In Cadiz the next day (7/10/15) we parked the car again on a terrain in the harbor which was set aside for parking. It was not very busy in the harbor. I am not sure if this is a sign of the state of the economy. While driving around it looks like the country has enough resources in agriculture, mining, energy and tourism. Why is then the unemployment so high?

Cadiz is built on a small peninsula. You can walk all around it in 2 hrs (we did that in the camper). In town we followed the purple line on the ground which brought us past most of the highlights. At one point near the a church it was really busy. It looked like a religious celebration because in the church children were bringing flowers while dressed in their best clothes. The nearby streets were decorated and there was a group of ladies dressed in traditional costumes. The main cathedral is a large neoclassical building completed in 1838, with some of the original baroque elements from the start in 1716. A more recent monument celebrates the first constitution of 1812 after the proclamation of sovereignty from the French Bonaparte.

In the afternoon we drove further south to the most southern point of continental Europe, Tarifa, which is only 25 km from Morocco. The campsite caters well for the long staying “sunshine birds”, but also for quite a few kite surfers enjoying the Atlantic waves and strong winds.