Mid afternoon we stopped at a camper site in the middle of a citrus grove near Murcia. The whole area inland from the coast is very fertile. Everywhere there are groves of citrus fruit, harvested and/or re-plowed wheat fields and closer to Valencia there are also large cabbage peanut fields and near the coast rice fields. Spain has enough land under cultivation to feed itself. Also there seems to be enough industry so the country should be able to get out of its current unemployment crisis. On the coast some 9 km south of Valencia we found a free camping spot on a parking lot near the beach front. Several other campers were there as well. We had a relaxing evening enjoying the sea breeze and the sunset.


The next morning we got on the bikes and cycled into town following various cycle paths. In Valencia the old river has been relayed outside town. The old riverbed has been filled up and is now a huge park snaking around the old city. You cycle through grown up trees. This park must already be some 30 years+ old. It is nice to cycle under the old bridges and come up out of the river bed close to your destination. For us that was the town center with its Gothic/Renaissance Cathedral. After that we cycled a bit around the center and came to the Plaza del Mercado where there is a 1928 market hall. We finally managed to find fresh dates and olives. Along the way back to the riverbed we followed the old city wall route and located the 2 remaining city gates.

Following the riverbed further south we came to the modern “Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias”. This area has several large modern buildings from a famous Spanish architect. Beside a music centre there is a science museum, an oceanographic museum as well as a Hemispheric cinema. Jamaliah proudly made it out to town and back. Tired but satisfied. Total cycling today at least 30km. Again the weather sunny and warm (26 degree).