While getting the car ready for the drive, Jamaliah noticed damage to the metal insert screen in the sliding door. Apparently somebody had tried to force it open with a screwdriver while we were away in town (in broad daylight). Fortunately they did not manage to get in. Afterwards we noticed broken window glass on the parking lot. The neighbors said they had seen that also at other parking lots along the beach. So camper break-ins is not uncommon.

It was some 380 km to Barcelona which we drove in one go. It was a lovely road and not too busy. Snaking through the mountains and sometimes along the sea. At around 16:00 hrs we were at the citystop parking lot in the centre of town. There was a good wifi connection as well as showers and toilets, and metro station just up the road. This was our mode of transport to and around town.

Since this is our second time in Barcelona we decided to concentrate on Gaudi. First a quick stop at the La Sagrada Familia. It must be due to the school holidays in Europe because we could only get ticket for 17:00 hrs to enter. We bought a book instead, having visited the inside of the cathedral the last time we were here. From a distance it looks like they have finally started to build the central tower. Maybe in 2020 the cathedral is finished??

The next Gaudi building is Casa Batillo. This lovely 6 story private house was redecorated by Gaudi. Here we could get tickets after queuing up. The house is full of surprises. Curved doors and ceilings as well as a lovely staircase, rooftop garden, blue tiled light shaft and bunched together chimneys. Expensive (Euro 21,50 pp ticket) and busy but well worth the effort.

The second Gaudi house a bit further up the road (La Pedrera) also had a long queue. We will save that for our next trip in Barcelona.


Instead we went to the Parc Guell. This high hill overlooking the city was planned to be a luxury estate for the wealthy at the beginning of the 20th century. Gaudi laid out the park, designed and built the entrance buildings and market square. As well as one or 2 houses. Due to financial issues the project was stopped in 1914 and is now a public park. In one of the 2 houses Gaudi lived the last 20 years of this life.

P/S. Rudy’s strained ankle is still not better but with diclofenac and less walking (using metro) he managed to limp around faster.