In Mongolia we had to drive through some small streams. Because you do not want to get stuck in the middle of the stream you drive in too vast. This creates a bow wave in front, which, besides removing your number plate, could also enter your engine’s air intake. For that reason 4×4’s in such countries have a raised air in take. I wanted to have one on Passepartout. No ready made one could be found but I got several ideas from the German T4 website. I decided to have one printed on a 3D printer. Over Christmas 2015 I made a design together with my son Bernard. A printer was found via This was however the easy part. Because of the unfamiliarity with the printing material (ABS) Albert-Jan had to make several prints before the desired intake diameter for the PVC pipe was large and strong enough. Note that 1 print takes up to 20 hrs to make! The rest was again easy. I order an air intake and fitted that to some standard PVC pipe. This was bent into shape and fixed to the camper. The air intake cap was glued by Carglass to the side of Passepartout and the PVC pipe was inserted. Now it looks like a real 4×4!