When converting the bus to 4×4 you lose the spare wheel area underneath the bus to the rear differential. Also on the Russia trip I noticed that you are likely to shred your tire before you notice that you have a puncture. Therefore it is better to travel with 2 spare tires. I decided to design a carrier for the rear of the camper for 2 tires and an aluminum box. This would be glued to the rear and tightened with the 4 bolts currently used for the bicycle carrier. I had to glue the aluminum construction over the full length to the camper in order to spread the weight (75 kg’s). It took a while before I found somebody willing to build the frame. Nothing on the bus is straight so the aluminum strips and tubes had to be bent to fit the camper profile. Piece by piece Paul vd Leek cut, bent and welded the frame together. The end results looks great.

(July 2017) Too make the results look even better I found 2 circulair maps of the world. They are from around 1880. I had them printed on tie coverts in Oman. Unfortunately the first version was too small. So after 3/4 of a year I finally received a version which fitted.

IMG_3482 (1)

I lost the red dots I used to plot the Russia trip. In the shops I could not find any suitable replacements So I had  to get them reprinted. Now all my previous travels have been put on the map/covers.

IMG_3479This will then be updated as we continue our world tip.