I already had 1 Brompton folding bike which I used going to the University in Groningen for courses. It folds up really small. I took some measurements and with a bit of luck it could fit underneath the storage box on the back of the camper. Although Jamaliah does not like cycling as much as I do, I though it would be better to also take a bycicle for her along. Once it was clear that the construction would work I bought another used Brompton for her. Both bikes were sent to the bakeshop to be overhauled. The rear sprocket was increased from 13 to 15 teeth so the ratio’s became a bit better for the expected offstoad landscape. Unfortunately the rear rim had to be replace on one of the bikes. It was finished just in time before the camper had to be shipped.

I bought a used bicycle carrier, which I dismantled except for the steel box, which connects to the tow bar/ball. To that box Paul (the same one who made my tire carrier) welded a steel plate of 150 x 35 cm. On the plate some handles were welded to tie down the bikes as well as 2 pins to hold them in place. The whole construction was Zink coated to prevent it from rusting. The pictures below tell the story.