The second part of the world trip (part one was Amsterdam to Vladivostok in 2014) is going to be South America. Now after 3 years the time has come to start this trip.

Passepartout (our VW T4 California Exclusive camper) has specially been upgraded for this trip. For details see the dedicated chapter Passepartout.

The RoRo boat for transporting the camper has been booked and leaves from Hamburg on 10/12/17 and will arrive in Buenos Aires on 5/1/2018. Jamaliah and I will follow by plane on 4/1/2018. The return flight has been booked for 2 May 2018. A period of 118 days.

The plan is to dive along the east coast of Argentina down to Tierra del Fuego and from there up along the Andes mountains. We will be going in and out of Chile/Argentina pending on where the most spectacular sites are. In Chili we will drive up to the boarder with Peru before crossing the Andes into Bolivia (weather and local conditions permitting). There we will visit the Inca sites on lake Titicaca before driving South again over the salt plains back into Chili and then in to Argentina. We plan to leave the camper with James Gittens, an ex Shell colleague, who lives in Cordoba. From there we will make out way back to BA international airport. Later in the year we will fly back to continue the trip up North via Uruguay and Brazil to Peru, Ecuador and Colombia at which point we either stall the camper there or continue up into Central America.


The old Russian map has been removed from the camper and a new version including the rout placed on the other side. On the sliding door the map of North and South America has been placed so that we can draw in our route as we go along.

Maps on camper 2Maps on camper 1