We have now been back home for almost 4 months. The planning for the next leg is in full swing. New maps have been purchased. New Lonely planet guide books bought. Different blogs are being read to prepare for the “unknown”. And last but not least the plane tickets have been bought.

We leave Holland on 3 November 2018 and fly to Buenos Aires and fly back from Panama City on 12 March 2019. The next leg will therefore take some 124 days. Without detours it will be around 15,000 km in 98 days, but others do it in 20,000 km and that will be more likely.

First our caper, Passepartout, will have to be repaired. We will take along new shock absorbers and springs as well as new connection arms for the front stabilizer. Furthermore some 4 sets of wheel bearings to replace the front ones and keep 2 spare.

From B.A. we will drive north along the coast of Uruguay and Brazil to Rio de Janeiro. From there back inland to the Iguacu waterfall and then following the border of Paraguay (the Pantanal swamps) and Bolivia over the Andes into Peru near Cusco. Hopefully we can drive through the mountains north to Ecuador and then on to Colombia. There in Cartagena Passepartout will go on the boat to Panama where she will be stored till we come back later in 2019.

Over the past month I have sorted out all the photos and created 3 slide shows (see links below). Have a look and let me know what you think.

https://youtu.be/pm823Y6KuQY “Bolivia April 2018”

https://youtu.be/egy7xLBzRSo  Chile, A camper trip in 2018

https://youtu.be/EdaaqSbNOSE Argentina camper trip in January- May 2018

A  reduced slideshow with only the highlights will be posted later.

All the best and till November 2018

Rudy and Jamaliah Welling