We drove 377 km today. Not that we want to drive so long. We are not in a hurry. It was just that there are so many fjords which you have to drive around to get to Isafjordur/Bolungarvik. It was a beautiful drive but laterally, progress was slow. Sometimes the fjord is 1 km wide but you had to drive 40 km around to make that progress. Most of the time it was not raining and there were even spells of sunshine. However when we reached our goal, the wind picked up as well as the rain. We did nothing else but to drive to the campsite and look at the clouds descending from the mountains.

The next day was not much better. This time we crossed over the mountains to the southern section of the west fjords. The number of cars on the road was picking up. Clearly an area the local people also visit during the holidays. The first mountain ridge was crossed through a 11 km tunnel. After 5 km there is an underground turnoff to another town on a nearby fjord.  The next ridge (500 m) we crossed but the following one we could go underneath through a just opened tunnel. On the other side the dirt road started. Due to the traffic there are lots of potholes in the road and it was not clear how slippery it was. So careful driving required. In one bend, before climbing up again to 500+ m we saw the wide Dynjandi water fall. The wind and rain was very strong. You almost blew off the mountain side during the climb to the foot of the main cascade. On the way down to the next ridge towards the Sudurfiroir fjord we saw some cars parked next to a pool. It was a public warm swimming pool. Rudy wanted to stop at such several times before but those did not work out (too far off the route). This time it had to happen. Undressing in the camper and then through the cold wind and rain, jumped into the hot water. Fantastic. I stayed for a while to soak up the heat and warm my feet and legs. A close study of the map shows that there will be more of these “natural “pool along the way. So guaranteed more stops. Every town we visited here in Iceland has a large indoor/outdoor swimming pool. They are heated by the hot thermal water coming out of the ground. They must be one of the main gathering places for the local town folk. They are open all year around. In the long winters they must be the only place to go to. Instead of driving all the way to the bird cliff at Latrabjarg we decided to stop a bit earlier at Patreksfjordur. It is a relative small camping place and fills up quickly. We hope tomorrow to be in early at the next site and get a good spot.