The hotel we stayed in last night was good value for money. The 2 rooms cost us Euro 93 and they had very good showers, free internet and a very good buffet breakfast. We also managed to get the car in and out of the tight sub-surface garage without problems. Today was a long day driving from Diyarbikir to Goreme in Cappadocia. The drive was scenic. The first bit was through the mountains climbing from a 600 m plain of wheat field to a 1400 m plain of wheat fields. The road was sometimes 4 lanes but mostly 2. Jamaliah drove the last stretch because Rudy’s eyes were dropping. She is a quick girl when nobody holds her back. That is what the police thought as well, so she was pulled over for speeding.

Day 20 001_editedNear Urgup we found a panoramic view site and had a rest and wandered through the eroded rock in which a church and other houses were carved. It was close to sunset so the colors were nice. We will see much more of them tomorrow. Near Goreme we found a nice hotel on the slope overlooking the city. We are staying all together in huge room which is partly cut out of the rock. The main attraction for the boys is the Jacuzzi. Diner and drinks were also in the hotel because we did not want to venture too far out in search of other restaurants then.