For my 2013 birthday the presents were relatively easy. I made a list of times I still need for the trip. Some of them I got and the others I have just ordered.
I now have the Lonely Planet guide books from all 3 area’s (Russia, Central Asia, Mongolia) and also a set of 6 maps. Still the Siberian area above Yakutsk is not on it. Russia is indeed large. The family gave me a 1 terabit external hard drive which is very robust. That will come in handy for the photographs and music. The internal SSD at 120 mB will otherwise be too small.Yesterday I ordered an 8m long 7 Ton stretch tow cable as well as snow chains and a large are compressor. I think I have all the major items covered. Now it will be a visit to the garage in February for the final service. I will also drop by the automatic gearbox specialist in Steenwijk to have that week point sorted out. However the specialist was not too concerned and said the automatic could handle the trip.

Visa’s are also being pursued and our passports have been sent to an agency in Breda who say’s he can arrange it all. Lets hope so. The 6 month visa for Russia will most likely be the main hurdle.

In the office I filled in my leave sheet and back calculated from 1 May. My last day in the office works out to be 28 March. A weird feeling….

Today the weather was great and Jamaliah and I drove Passepartout to Oudemolen and parked it in from of the windmill. We had our picture taken which we will use for our hand-out card to the people we meet. We still have to buy a bag full of trinkets/souvenirs to hand out to the children.