We woke up the next morning to the sound of cows mooing around us and one even decided to scratch her head against the camper. It is 5.30 in the morning!! The farmer came by to say hello and insisted we joined him and his wife for breakfast. They put up a feast. Despite the language barrier we managed to have some conversation with them. Before we left they presented me with a scarf and Rudy a local haji hat. At least one good thing came out from last night’s fiasco.

We drove off in the direction of Kurshim and made a pit stop at the Kiin-Kinsh red cliff, 17km of sandy road from the main highway towards the Zaysan lake. Beautiful rock formations.

Learning from yesterday lesson we decided today to camp far away from the main road as possible. We picked an off road track leading to the cliff and small lake (branch off Zaysan Lake). After yesterday affair we are a bit anxious of anyone coming over to say hello. That was unfortunate for this one guy who came by (may be for a chat but we were nervous) that we were not as friendly as we normally are. But he did pass by 3 times and this is a small dead end side road. So you can imagine our reaction. Hopefully nothing else happens tonight and I can sleep a bit better than last night. While writing this story I can hear thunder rumbling in the distance and the lightning display outside is spectacular. Wind just pick up and shaking the camper a bit. Outside we can see the rain over the lake.