The night was still a bit restless. The visitor most likely only wanted to chat but still. Every now and then you looked out of the window to see if he was coming.

Today we followed the lake out into the next valley. This one we drove all the way up to the end. Midway the national park started. The valley became a bit narrower and the wide river meandered below the road level.

There were several beautifully laid out camping/picnic spots. If we are not allow to camp at the end of the trail, then there were enough opportunities lower down. The road was tarmac without any serious holes. Nothing stopping the city folks to come down this valley and up into the mountains. The last 52 km was unpaved but graded so also good driving. After the small town of Berel the road goes up a narrow valley towards a health resort. The last 14 km was climbing over large boulders. The front wheels slipped now and then and twice the bottom was hit. Still Passepartout performed great and got us up to the resort. That was an unexpected sight. Far from any big city (450 km) they are upgrading the old health resort. New chalets are built. A park like surrounding with paved roads and board walks have been built. The lake has canoe, peddle boats and even motor boats. The few cars we saw driving up with us however later went down again. It does not look like many guests are staying here. Hopefully later on in the season (July/August) it will fill up. Otherwise this large investment will not work.