The drive down the mountain was not less hazardous then going up. Except this time you knew what to expect and how long it would take. The gas tank got a hit along the way and needs some tightening. Once down on the tarmac road it was again a pleasant drive through the park area with it’s river and tree covered hills rising up into snow covered peaks.

At our lunch stop we had a young Kazak and his brother unexpectedly dropping in (literally). We abandoned the lunch preparation and had a drink and some snacks together. He drank the vodka and I had the jus. Some mounted policemen came also by to check if all was ok. Further down the road we made a more successful attempt to have our lunch break. Closer to town the road winded up and down the hills surrounding the city. The road out was busy with families leaving the city. Are they going on summer break? In Oskemen we drove straight to one of the Lonely Planet hotels and booked a room for the night (Euro 48). It is time for another decent scrub/cleanup. The city is Russian style with large wide tree lined streets. On both sides are apartment block with at ground floor the shops. Sometimes there are some advertisements on the outside of the shop so you can see what they are selling. In the villages that we passed this is not the case. You have to go through the small door to see what is inside. Advertising your shop does not seem to be important.