We drove towards north of Oskemen back into the Altai Mountains close to the Russian border. There was a waypoint past Ridder which should have location of a monastery. We could not find it. While we were having lunch on the way back a group of cars passed us by going further up the sandy road towards the border. The guidebook mentioned that there was a recreational centre further up the road. Since Rudy was keen to see the Holland-Mexico match, we decided to turn the car and drive there. We arrived in the middle of a wedding party and were invited to join in. Nicolai (French) and Rowena (Kazakh) met each other in Malaysia. What a small world. It was a great party with good food and lots of speeches and toasts (Vodka alldway!). The TV did not show the match (couldn’t find the right channel) but the good company of Sergio, Dina and all the others made Rudy forget the match (with Holland won 2-1!).