The next day we obviously left late and the progress was hampered by 2 cities to drive through. At 18.00 we saw a small lake at the side of the road where people were swimming. A mud track led to the far side of the lake. Just when we finished our diner it started to pour down with rain. Some picnickers came by the car. We first gave them umbrella´s but after seeing them huddling under the trees we took them into the camper. It continued to rain so we decided to drive them home. Slipping and sliding over the track we just about got back up on the main road. Some 2 km on they asked us to turn to a side road. After 300 m the police (militia) had stopped a car. The Russians got worried and said we should turn around. Big mistake. Now we definitely drew their attention. The police followed us and stopped our car. They were friendly but not sure what to do with the situation. They asked our passengers to step out (in the pouring rain) and let us drive back to our camp spot. This in the mean time was becoming almost undriveable due to the rain. After some sliding and scraping of the car bottom over the gullies we got back to where we started.


P.S. again we have to deal with time difference. A week ago upon entering East Russia we moved our clock an hour ahead and yesterday we have to adjust it forward another hour. It means that we are now 6 hours ahead of Holland and I think tomorrow we have to adjust the clock again when we reach Irkutsk (an hour ahead) and the same in Chita (again ahead an hour). I keep losing an hour and actually quite difficult for your body to adjust to these rapid time change. It will be different on the way back though as I will be gaining an hour each time.