While we were having breakfast we had a visitor. He was staying in the Ger not far from where we camp and came by to say hello. He’s a Dutchman who has been living here in Mongolia for the past 15 years. He has a tourist agency and takes visitors around the country. In fact he has 2 Dutch guests in his Ger whom we met later. They are travelling by train from Moscow, stopping in Mongolia, on their way to Beijing.

We continued our journey today on the half tarmac half gravel potholes road towards Karakorum. The last stretch of the road was off-road as the original road is under repair. Just outside the town we took a detour to visit Shankh Khiid, one of the oldest monastery in Mongolia. One of the monks showed us around the temple.

In Karakorum we set up camp along the river just outside town for the night, together with several others locals.