More land is being cultivated and you notice as well the increase of traffic that there is much more commerce at this side of Russia. That is made clear the next day when we reach the outskirts of Vladivostok. The highways are new, as well as the international airport where we tried to change our plane ticket. In contrast we fetched water out of a well with a bucket on a steel cable.



The evening drive into town should have been exhilarating but we were too tired to enjoy the rollercoaster drive. Vladivostok is build up on a ridge of hills sticking up out of the Japanese sea. Large new motorways connect the various hills with each other and there are also some spectacular bridges. We camped on the boulevard where lots of locals were enjoying the sunset. Unfortunately at night the disco music was loud and the street was turned into a racetrack. Tomorrow we will try and find our sleeping spots on the more secluded hills/peninsula/beaches further out.

We are now in Vladivostok. Our Goal of crossing Eurasia has been achieved! Due to some conflicts in the travel group, our trip to Kamchatka has been cancelled. We will spend a few days here and then head back. Options for shipping the car by boat or train are there but will take long and are expensive. So we might as well make the drive all the way back.