The first thing we did the next day was finding the VW dealer for a service. It took some time but we got there. I am not sure if they have seen more T4 transporters but they managed to change the oil and the oil filter. The air filter was blown clean so I hope we are OK for the way back. They could not hook the camper up to the computer so the warning lights (from replacing the brake pads in Mongolia) could not be reset. The garage had Internet so the blog was undated. We took the new motorway over the hills around Vladivostok to the southern Russiky peninsula. There the paved road abruptly stops and a sand road takes you around the island. At every opportunity the local parked their cars and enjoy the beach. We also managed to find a place on the waterfront at a jetty with noisy swimmers and water scooters. Not to complain. The sun is shining. The sunshade is out and there is a nice breeze to make the 31 deg more bearable. Time to fall asleep and relax from the long journey with its ups and downs and its stressful moments. Needless to say that, given the fact that Jamaliah wants to drive back as well, that our standing in the small camper is good.