On Saturday( 2/8) we took the ferry back to the city. We had a Russian lifter and his wife in the car. He showed us the best places to take pictures from the famous Russiky and Golden Horn bridges.

As mentioned VWST has several hilly islands close by. We wandered the whole day through town. First visited the Russian antique car museum.

Then the Chinese market (not much Chinese food there, which disappointed Jamaliah) and then drove into the city centre to find a shopping mall for JJ (which she enjoys). I was lucky. She only bought one handbag. Myself I got a data chip for the iPad so I should be able to keep better track of the e-mail. We strolled downhill to the train station to admire the end of the Trans Siberian rail line and the start of the ferries and boats across the pacific.

A little up the street we found a nice camping spot through an archway behind the houses. There are 2 restaurants there and the back entrance to some apartment blocks. Several people have already dropped by. One lady coming back from her dacha gave us some fresh vegetables and the knickknack shop next door gave us a special coin from VWST and chocolate. Jamaliah bought fried chicken at one restaurant and maybe the Chinese hopefully will drop in with some fried rice. And we also got invited by another Russian who lives in the apartment here to join him for a tour of Vladivostok tomorrow morning.