Sunday 3/8, Greb picked us up at around 9:00 hrs and we had a walk around town. Progress was slow because Rudy’s left foot was hurting despite the 2 Ibuprofen tablets. The gout still has not gone away. We went past some old classical Tsarist buildings but also saw the old small shop buildings.

It is all up and down hills. One hill was used for the overall fort museum. The city was of such strategic importance that, once it was regained from the Japanese in 1904 it was heavily fortified with defence forts all along the coast line (1905 –1920). We visited Fort 7, which is open to the public, if you can find the caretaker. It is a large underground complex of tunnels and halls. No money was spared. Although now everything is damp and dark it used to have electric wiring and still has large stair ways from one level to the lookout posts. In the end the deterrent was enough and no further Japanese invasions occurred. We dropped Greb back at his house and went around to find a hotel for our last chance for a wash-up before we start the long trip back tomorrow.

Before I close. I have to mention the VWST invention of potholes. The streets in general have fresh tarmac. However every time there is a layer added the holes for the drain covers becomes deeper. Some are so deep that you could seriously damage your suspension. Needless to say that cars do a lot of street dancing (zigzagging) in front of you.