Today is the start of our return journey. After a good rest and breakfast in the hotel, everything packed in the camper, there was but one last thing to do before leaving. Getting a T-shirt. Hey not just a t-shirt but a Vladivostok one. We can’t just drive thousands of kilometres to here and not have a T-shirt to prove it. You would think this is not such a problem. Must be lots of them around. Unfortunately finding a Vladivostok t-shirt was not that easy. In most countries you will have stalls/shops in every street corners hawking these. But not here. After asking and several phone calls we found one in a small stationery shop next to the post office (with very limited supply).

Finally we are off. Through morning rush hours progress was extremely slow. On this return trip we agreed to take turn, every 2 hours or so, driving the camper. In this case we can cover more kilometres (approximately 600+km per day) with a short lunch break. The first half of the journey till Ulan Ude will be a drive through as we have already seen all the attractions we wanted to see on our way to Vladivostok.

After driving 668km we stopped for the night along a river, just off the main road.DSC07631