Today was again an uneventful day. We left camp around 9 am and continued driving towards Chita. Again slow driving in Khabarovsk due to roadwork. Took us over an hour to cover 20km or so. We make a stop along the way to take a picture of Passepartout in front of the “Moscow to Vladivostok” monument. We guess this is built to commemorate the completion of the Chita – Vladivostok highway.

We stopped for the night, at a roadside motel parking lot, after driving 757km. This was achieved due to the time change. We gained an hour today and so we had an hour more to drive. On the way to Vladivostok Jamaliah was complaining about the (almost) daily time shift. On this return trip we will be regaining the hours we lost. In total we have at least 7 time zones to go through in Russia alone. (Which makes Jamaliah happy.)