Rudy woke up with a stomach upset. I think he has food poisoning from the store bought salad he ate last night. He has diarrhoea and feverish. And he is in no condition to drive today. So it is up to me. We left early again and like yesterday trip, uneventful. While I drove, Rudy rested/slept in the back seat. By 6.30pm I did 10 hours of driving and covered 822km. A very tiring and stressful achievement. As mentioned before the highway is not a smooth paved road but a bumpy (lots of dips) road so lots of concentration is required. After eating the rice porridge I made him, Rudy has gone to bed and left me typing this update for the last 3 days. Hope he gets better tomorrow and can take over some of the driving and most important the update.

We did not take the turnoff to Magadan, 3177 km