The city of Izhevsk has a famous son: Nicolai Kalashnikov. In 1946 his design of the automatic rifle came into production. To honour him the town has made an exhibition showing the gun’s development and lots of pictures and medals from Nicolai. For the rest the town has a nice cathedral and a boulevard along the river with some interesting sculptures.

For us it was a rest point on the way to Kazan. We still could not reach that town (did 509 km) so stopped along the way and booked ourselves into a roadside hotel. Not too bad for Rbl 2000 per night (Euro 47, excl breakfast). It allowed us to shower again and update the website (free wifi). You may have noticed the lack of pictures for the previous 2 entries. The rugged hard drive dropped and could not be started up again. I hope the photo’s can still be retrieved.